Double Pointed Needle Pouch

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I was looking for something to hold my Double Pointed Needles in and couldn't find anything really that I liked so I designed something to hold them in. Now I just have to make one for all my other sizes.

Creating the pattern I doubled the size of the needles and added 4 inches for the flap. Laying out the needles side by side gave me the width. You can do the same for any size or length of needles.

The pattern is posted below the images, it is rather simple to follow.

DPN Pouch

This was made for a set of 5 size US 15 8" needles.

Stitches Used:
CH: Chain
SC: Single Crochet
SS: Slip Stich
BLO: Back Loop Only

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver (Worsted Weight)

Use size F Crochet hook

Chain 15

Row 1: SC in 2nd stitch from hook, SC across (14 sts)
Row 2: CH 1, SC across
Row 3: CH 1, SC BLO across

Repeat rows 2 & 3 until piece measures 20 inches long.

Finishing: Fold up 7 inches then SS down sides though both layers, this will leave a 5 inch flap.

Embroider needle size on front of flap.

You can either make a loop at the bottom of the flap and sew a button on the front of the pouch to hook the loop to or make any kind of closure that you want. I made a long chain from the end of the flap then created a loop on the front of the pouch to loop my chain into.


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This is a dodecahedron, a twelve pointed star. I crocheted this in about 3 days, filled it and added a bell in the center. It is about 7 to 8 inches across from point to point so it is rather large.


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I made this lil bunny because, well I thought it was cute. The pattern can be found at
Lion Brand Yarn

Yoga Mat Bag

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Here is a bag I made for my Yoga Mat. The pattern can be found at Joyful Abode


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This is my first try at a dishcloth.

Yarn: 2 oz ball Peaches & Creme Worsted Weight 4 ply cotton yarn.
Color: Winterberry
Hook: G or H

Row 1: ch 21, hdc in 3rd chain from hook and in each ch across
Row 2: ch 2, turn, hdc in each hdc across
Row 3 - 13: Repeat Row 2

Round 1:ch 2, hdc in same stitch (corner), hdc 18 evenly spaced stitches across the ends of the rows to the next corner, 3 hdc in the corner, hdc in each ch across to corner, 3 hdc in corner, hdc 18 evenly spaced stitches across to the ends of the rows, 3 hdc at corner, ss in top of first hdc.

Round 2: ch 1, sc in back loop of 1st hdc, sc in in back loops only of each hdc around, 3 sc in center hdc in each corner. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Half DOuble Crochet (HDC) Potholder

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Some years ago I got a crocheted potholder from one of my student's whose mom makes them. I gave it to my mom and since I have been in a crocheting frenzy as of late, mom said I needed to learn to make them so she could have another. I didn't have the pattern to the one she already had so compromised and found a HDC Potholder. Trying my luck at it, it came out rather nice and she loves it. So here it is.

Fingerless Gloves Part 2

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This is the pair I made for my niece, Loren. She is 10 and lives in Texas. Her and her family just spent a week with us and are leaving to go back home today.

Fingerless Gloves (Wristers)

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Here they are finished, forgot to post them, I made two pairs, one for Squishy and one for her grandma.

Puff the Magic Dragon

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Here is my latest project, a wee dragon that I think is adorable. My niece, Katie, wanted me to make her a dragon before she went back to Texas so I made one for her.

Horse Scarf Pattern

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Remember this scarf? I have decided to post the pattern for it.

The following is the chart:

Basically you just follow the chart but doing it double sided is tricky.

Materials needed:

Size 8 (5.0 MM) knitting needles
1 Skein Red Heart Super Saver Burgundy
1 Skein Red Heart Super Saver Gold
(Or two colors of your choice)

CO 28 of both colors, making sure they alternate, Gold, Burgundy, Gold, burgundy

Row 1: K1, P1 (Making sure all Gold stitches are knit and all Burgundy is purl. All purl stitches come out as knit when you turn the project.)This row should start with a Burgundy.

Row 2, 3, 4, 5: Complete as Row 1 starting with the appropriate color that the row starts with

Row 6: Should start with Gold so follow the chart

Continue with chart, each row starts with a knit and ends with a purl. All odd numbered rows should start with Burgundy and all Even numbered rows should start Gold.

On the even rows the white spaces are Gold and dark spaces are burgundy

On the Odd rows the white spaces are Burgundy and dark spaces are Gold.

The pattern is knit long enough for an adult, which is about 5 foot long. To change the direction of the horse just start at the opposite end of the chart as you did when you started. If you want the horse running up the scarf, start with the bottom of the chart, if you want it running down the scarf, start at the top.

I always put five rows between each pattern then I made a checkerboard pattern at both ends and directly in the middle.

BE creative with it and if you have trouble just send me a message.

More Animals

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Yes I have gone crazy with crocheting animals. Here I have a teddy bear, a wiener dog, a puppy in a sweater, and a lady bug.

Now I am working on a pair of fingerless gloves or wristers, whichever you wish to call them. They are for Squishy, a 10 year old girl.

Crochet Animals

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So here are the three animals I have left. There is the brown and white wolf, it looks like a bear though, my giraffe, and of course the Siamese kitty. Aren't they just cute?!

Knit Hat

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Here is my first attempt at a hat. It has ear flaps and pom poms and of course William wanted it. I got a snap of him wearing it and one of Binxi checking it out.

Betty Boop Afghan

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Well, I finally finished the Betty Boop Red Dress Afghan. Total it took me about a month to do. Below is a pic of it completed and JoAnn loved it. Keep in mind it is laid out over a Queen size bed.

Now I can start a new project and I already think I know what it is. Will post pics as I get things completed.

Pink Skull Scarf

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Okay, I promised a pic of the skull scarf so here it is. The lil girl wearing it is called Destany, but her nickname is Squishy. Anyway, she is Samie's daughter, the woman I made the scarf for.

Horse Scarf

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Well, I have finished the scarf finally and yes I even took a pic before I mailed it. It came out rather well save for a few mistakes I didn't notice until it was too late. Anyway, attached is a picture of it.

It is reversible, or Double Knitted, which ever you prefer to call it. The yarn I used was the Red Heart Super Saver Gold and Red Heart Super Saver Burgundy. I couldn't find Maroon, which was originally requested so got as close to it as I could. It still came out very well I think, especially for a design I created myself.

I Forgot

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So I forgot to take a pic of the duck scarves. I didn't finish them til this morning and I was no where near my camera. So just delivered and got $20 for the last one. Now I am working on a horse pattern, but I will post a pic of the pattern.

This is what the end looks like. I also put five ducks up one side, then added a Grid then a straight segment of color then another grid, flipping the duck to go the other direction so that the ducks are going the same direction as they are hanging in front. It is reversible, one side has brown with green ducks and the other side is Green with brown ducks.

Gram's Shawl

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So here is the shawl I made for Charlies Gram. Yes it looks like the one I did before but if you notice, this one is much much bigger. Charlie said Gram's loved it and was surprised that someone could make something her size without actually having to measure her for it. I have a good eye like that.

Right now I have 4 projects in the works. Two scarves.. one is a skull and the other is an alien head. I have an afghan which I posted it previously and now have a throw to do. The throw is in shades of blue using the same pattern as the afghan. I found the softest yarn to use in the prettiest shades of blue as well.

Shawl Modeled

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Here I am again.. proud of myself. The shawl was delivered and I am adding pics of Monica wearing the shawl. I knew I should have made it bigger.

And here is a pic of Monica's mom wearing it. She wants one too so I have started on it.

Shawl Complete

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I finally finished it. I thought I had 3 days ago but.. It was too small. So I did 6 more repeats (would have done 10 but was running out of yarn), and here it is. I do hope Monica likes it. The color of yarn I used is called Blueberry Pie. I used 2.5 skeins. It ended up being about 610 yards of yarn, give or take a few yards.

First Knitting Project Done

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Well, I finally finished the scarf. Its my first of 6. After two long weeks, (though I finished it one day shy of two weeks), I think I did well. It only has 2 flaws.. one side is longer than the other and I knitted a stitch that should have been purled.

Here is a few pics. This is a far away shot

And here is a close up.

I am making a red and black one now and a shawl for Charlie and his mom.

Almost Done

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Ok, so I have been working on this scarf for a week now. I ran into a few problems. From the start I kept losing stitches or gaining stitches so that was a full day of goofing around on it trying to figure it out. Then, yesterday, I had to take out 6 inches of the blasted thing. Night before last I stayed up working on it, I was on the fourth repeat where I had to flip the instructions over and start from the bottom up, I didn't realize I had to invert the lines for each color, and so I vigorously worked on half a foot only to notice yesterday morning that the design was on the wrong side. I spent all day yesterday trying to figure out how to fix this.

I did manage to figure it out and now only have about two more foot to go. I'll work on it and hopefully finish it up by tomorrow or Wednesday. I can't wait to be done with it.

I also have to find some nice purple yarn, lightweight, to make a shawl for my friend's mom. I'll work on it while I work on other scarves. This way I don't get bored to shit working on scarves all the time. And I still need to get some red, blue, and green yarn. I don't think I will do the blue and green scarf. I'll change green to a different color.

Progress on my First Scarf

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Ok so I've been working a few days on this scarf. It's the first time I have knitted anything that wasnt a potholder (And that was when I was 8 or 9). I have a foot of it done and have 5 more to do, here is what it looks like so far.

Here is the scarf with a straight on view.

And here it is when looking at it from an angle.

I know it's dark but what do you expect when lighting sucks at 10:40 p.m? I have 4 more to make of the skull and crossbones and found an awesome alien head one I am going to do for myself.

Transferring of Posts

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I have started this blog just for my needlework stuff. Anything I make will be posted here. Have patience with me as I take time to move everything.