Horse Scarf Pattern

Author: Juno Volsung /

Remember this scarf? I have decided to post the pattern for it.

The following is the chart:

Basically you just follow the chart but doing it double sided is tricky.

Materials needed:

Size 8 (5.0 MM) knitting needles
1 Skein Red Heart Super Saver Burgundy
1 Skein Red Heart Super Saver Gold
(Or two colors of your choice)

CO 28 of both colors, making sure they alternate, Gold, Burgundy, Gold, burgundy

Row 1: K1, P1 (Making sure all Gold stitches are knit and all Burgundy is purl. All purl stitches come out as knit when you turn the project.)This row should start with a Burgundy.

Row 2, 3, 4, 5: Complete as Row 1 starting with the appropriate color that the row starts with

Row 6: Should start with Gold so follow the chart

Continue with chart, each row starts with a knit and ends with a purl. All odd numbered rows should start with Burgundy and all Even numbered rows should start Gold.

On the even rows the white spaces are Gold and dark spaces are burgundy

On the Odd rows the white spaces are Burgundy and dark spaces are Gold.

The pattern is knit long enough for an adult, which is about 5 foot long. To change the direction of the horse just start at the opposite end of the chart as you did when you started. If you want the horse running up the scarf, start with the bottom of the chart, if you want it running down the scarf, start at the top.

I always put five rows between each pattern then I made a checkerboard pattern at both ends and directly in the middle.

BE creative with it and if you have trouble just send me a message.


Laurel said...

This is very cute...and my 'horse-crazy' almost 7 year old daughter just saw it. Guess I know what I'll be making her for Chirstmas this year! Thank you! :o)

Juno Volsung said...

Your very welcome.

Anonymous said...

this is one of the best patterns I have ever seen for a realistic looking horse, I love it & have already picked out the yarn for it from my stash thank you greatly for sharing your wonderful talents with us. :)

Juno Volsung said...

Your very welcome. This is one of a few patterns - created myself. I used acrylic first but it also works good with wool and silk wool blend.

KappySue said...

I have been looking for a horse pattern to dk. I can't wait to get started. Thanks

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful pattern. I have my yarns and ready to start. I do have a question. The pattern for the horse motif says to CO 28 of each color. That would total 56 stitches. The checkerboard part posted under Horse Scarf says to CO 52 (26 of each color). Please help me with the total stitches part. Thank You.

Juno Volsung said...

The Checkerboard part dont have instructions but I know that the middle square on the checkerboard pattern will have one more or one less stitch than the outer squares. Make up your own designs of just knit it straight from the horse pattern or even knit several rows solid colors before starting the horse patter.

Anonymous said...

This is such a nice pattern. I figured out a checkerboard pattern for the ends because I like the look. Making in black and red. This is the my first time make a double sided project and it is really interesting and fun how this technique works.

Juno Volsung said...

I really do hope you get it worked! I havent seen it in red and black but am sure it will be wonderful.

I do hope you will share a pic when it is finished.

Anonymous said...

This is perfect! I've been looking for something to make my coach for a while and this in our barn colours would be great!

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Ashley Rose Johnson, I am a beginner knitter and I have the horse Scarf Pattern that you wrote and I am struggling on how to start this project I have a friend who loves horses as much as I do and I was wondering if you have a step by step video Available on youtube or somewhere. I am a beginner knitter and crocheter Can you help me? Sincerely,
Ashley Rose Johnson
The Dalles Oregon

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, got to grips with the plain bits and the squares, but having trouble getting the horse pattern, my stitches seem to be running into the opposite colour instead of looking clean cut, is it something to do with the way you change the wool position to get one colour to the other

Sunny Werner said...

Oh, absolutely perfect - thank you!!! Ideal, we just got the kids their first horse this year and of course they are all horse mad ;)

Anonymous said...

cannot figure out how to do the horse chart have the double sided part figured out not sure how to get pictue put into it

Anonymous said...

just posted would also like to know if the chart stats at the same end or read back and forth

Anonymous said...

?with CO end burgundy,must turn for Row1,K1,P1,the burg will be K,gold will be P, or because it starts w/burg should it be P & the gold K.

Cindy Smith said...

Is this pattern worked on a total of 28 stitches using both colors or should I be working with 28 stitches of each color as a total of 56 stitches being worked on.? 28 stitches seems like a rather narrow scarf that is why I am questioning. Thank you for your help.

evelyn byrne said...

thank you so much. much appreciated

Quiltbug said...

Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful pattern. I’m new to ds knitting. Trying to figure out if the scarf is made up of 2 layers sewn together with one seam?

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