Petal Dishcloth

Author: Juno Volsung /

This is the Petal Dishcloth. each petal consists of seven rows which are repeated twelve times. I find it very cute.

Ballband Dishcloth

Author: Juno Volsung /

I finally got around to making the Ballband Dishcloth. It was fairly simple and I think it came out great. Though I may use it as a wash cloth instead of a dishcloth.

First soap and cloth swap.

Author: Juno Volsung /

I joined a Dishcloth and Soap Swap on and sent out my first swap and received my first.

This is what I sent:

And this is what I received:

Hat of Many Colors Update

Author: Juno Volsung /

Well, I finished the hat and of course after altering it the way mom's husband wanted, he decided he didn't like it because it had too much pink in it.

Hat of Many Colors

Author: Juno Volsung /

This is the start of my Hat of many colors. Mom's Husband wanted one so I am using five different prints from Red heart that I had left over to make it, and boy does he have a big head... 24 inches!

First Pair of Socks

Author: Juno Volsung /

This was my first attempt at socks. It is the Super Simple Knitwit Socks found on the Ravelry website.

I used Caron Simply Soft Eco to make then since I don't have any sock yarn and can not buy it anywhere close by. They still came out nice for my first try and are very warm so will save them for winter.

Three Crosses Dishcloth

Author: Juno Volsung /

This is the Three Crosses Dishcloth from the Monthly Dishcloth group on Yahoo.

Cheyenna Discloth

Author: Juno Volsung /

My first attempt at a dishcloth. Though the pattern didn't come out very clear it still came out pretty good I think. It even works great for washing dishes and wiping down counters.

The pattern can be found in the Monthly Dishcloths group on yahoo.